Crowd-Sourced Gaming with the Cal Poly Science Café

Cal Poly's Science Cafe

DIY Games at the Cal Poly Science Cafe

Cal Poly’s Science Café at Kennedy Library offers interactive experiences with an expert: taste coffee, build an imaginary city with found objects, offer ideas on how to collect E. coli samples. Now, you can also be a part of a crowd-sourced game at SLO Mini Maker Faire!

Happily, Michael Newman is returning to San Luis Obispo to design a game for our first SLO Mini Maker Faire as part of an exciting off-site Cal Poly Science Café. It will be our first ever event in Mission Plaza!

Michael, together with Scott Hutchinson, was the designer behind what we like to
affectionately call the “balls down the stairs” Science Café experience at Kennedy
Library. Officially it was called, DIY: Physical Computing at Play and was featured on Boing Boing. In short, the designers turned our giant, 72-step grand staircase into a large-scale, physical computing video game.

It was super fun!

Here’s what I know about Michael’s plan for SLOMMF so far: It will involve giant
tubes and crowd-sourced competition. There will be a visual and audio payoff. And good times will be had by all (Hint: be sure to bring your smart phone).

Learn more about Cal Poly Science Café at Kennedy Library. Our next event is about entrepreneurship on Feb. 21: Start Me Up! Are you an innovator?

You can watch a video about “balls down the stairs” on Boing Boing.

Michael made his source files, materials list and process photos from “balls down
the stairs” available on his site, Pomp.

Photos from Kennedy Library on Flickr.

– Karen Lauritsen


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